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Local Move Service

A good move planning is a half success to an efficient and hassle-free move. It’s always advisable to plan few weeks ahead of actual moving taken place. Please refer to our moving counting down for details on planning.

However, if you have to move in emergency or very short time, with our emergency systems Beijing Mover does have the flexibility in moving you as per your tight schedules.

The following 7steps will lead you the way to a successful a ‘door to door’ move.

Step 1–Premove Survey

Each move is different and with customer’s special needs. A premove survey plays a vital role to establish the chains of understanding to meet customer’s needs. We provide you this service FREE of charge and without any obligation.

Contact Beijing Mover  to setup a date of premove survey. One of Beijing Mover  moving specialist will come to meet you. And right from the start, he/she will be your personal contact to take care of you until goods moved into your new house.

It will take 20 minutes to one hour for a premove survey.

Assess quantities: our moving specialist will walk through with you room by
room, record all items you point out for moving, from which to enable us to work
out the estimated volume of your shipment. As the quotation is based on the
estimated volume, please make sure that any item to move is pointed out. If you
intend to buy more furniture/items or have any items from your office, please inform
our moving specialist at time of survey.

Brief moving process: after walk through our moving specialist will sit down
with you and provide you with all necessary information relative to your move -
professional packing & protection on your valuable goods, insurance, destination
delivery process, etc…
Specify moving details: we will discuss with you for packing/moving schedule,
destination access, heavy/bulky items handling, record your special requirement & concerns and answer all your questions to your satisfaction

Step 2–Quotation and Confirmation

Based on the premove survey results and communications, Beijing Mover  will create a moving package specifically tailored to your relocation needs with realistic cost-effective rates. The moving package will be sent to you in short time via email/handover at your convenience. You will find all details in this moving package – competitive rates, inclusion/exclusion, insurance policy/premium, payment term, moving schedules etc… For your benefit all costs are clearly communicated and understood before any work is started.

Shortly after the moving package sent out, your moving specialist will contact you to answer your questions and discuss any aspect details you may concern.

Once the quotation is accepted, please sign and chop by company stamp (if company pay) and fax the copy to our office. Packing date/time will be setup according to your time schedule.

Step 3–Get Goods Ready for Packing

Beijing Mover  has arranged a comprehensive program of household goods transit insurance . The insurance premium is calculated at a percentage of your declared value.

An Insurance Declaration Inventory Form will be delivered to you for completion. Please read carefully of insurance terms shown on reverse side of application form before fill-in.

It is most import that your completed Insurance Declaration Form is returned to us prior to commencement of the packing.

Self-packing for Personal Effects (Guideline for Self-packing) Some client will prefer to pack personal effects (clothes, books…) by themselves. You can call us or complete & return the Premove Carton Request Form to our office. Upon receipt of your request Beijing Mover will deliver cartons and material to you for premove packing. Please leave any breakable items/electronics appliances/furniture to Beijing Mover's packers for professional packing and protections. Refer to our Guideline for Premove
Packing for more details.

Step 4–Professional Packing

On the packing date  packing crew will arrive at your place punctually. One English-speaking packing supervisor will introduce the packing crew to you and will brief the working schedule. Then he will walk through with you room by room to have a picture in mind on goods to pack.

The packing supervisor will communicate with you during the packing and make sure all your requirement is followed carefully and strictly.

Organized by the packing supervisor, packers will start to pack your goods with suitable packing material and ensure that each piece of goods receives the best protection during its transportation.

Each packed boxes will be marked with a series number and description of content. A consistent packing inventory list will be made during the packing, you will be asked to sign on the packing list after packing to confirm the content inside and the packages. A copy will be then passed to you for records.

Once the packing is completed, the packing supervisor will inspect with you room by room to make sure nothing left behind before them leave.

Step 5–Transportation and Storage

We can provide storage for your possessions at our warehouse after packing upon your request.

Step 6–Delivery

The same crew with your possessions arrives to your new home. All goods will be moved into your home, number checked during move-in and put the right place.

Step 7–Payment

After finish packing and load all your belongings into our truck , Please pay it for moving.
Beijing Movers  is leading household effects transportation and packing company. Beijing Movers is in Beijing . Service across China. established 8 years. our main business: relocation and moving service for our expat families in Beijing. You can always find us by the familiar name : Beijing Mover  or  china express movers , that's us. we are Beijing Movers.
Our domestic move including:
Long distance transportation service from beijing to other china cities
Moving from Beijing to Shanghai , Guangzhou , Shenzhen , Dalian.......
Moving from Beijing to Kunming ,Dali , Sanya , Taiyuan , Qinghuandao....
Relocating to Jinan , Qingdao , Yantai , weifang ? Beijing Mover can help you!
Do you need some packers ? your household effects need professional packing ?
Short term storage ? Contact Beijing Mover !
Looking for local movers in beijing , beijing mover will be your smart choice because our rate is very low and quality mover.
Office Moving ? Beijing Movers can do that . we put it you decide .
Request the rate ?
Mobile: 13717772317
The Beijing Mover ( ) Sales strategy is simple and straight forward: customer satisfaction!  Happy customers will be repeated customers, and beijing mover will provide referrals to new customers.

The value proposition offered by BeijingMover again is quite simple; timely and practical moving solutions for client's relocation needs, all at a reasonable rate.  Most important, Beijing Mover offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee, which has been the cornerstone of our success and retaining our clientele.

Beijing Mover offers the following advantages to customers.

>  Quality Service:  We provide our customers with courteous, prompt, and dependable service.  Beijing Mover have a reputation for identifying the client’s requirements and then we over deliver on those requirements.

>  Competitive rates:  We will provide competitive rates for our customers on tendered or hourly charge arrangements and then secure ongoing moving requirements as a result of great service.

Through the use of Beijing Mover as your removals provider; reliability and quality of service delivery is provided as a result of the following:

•  Beijing Mover is a leader in its industry in the provision of training to its staff and its focus on quality.  We are in a position to control the standard of service delivery.

•  Beijing Mover selects only the most trusted and dedicated personnel. Our performance standards - benchmarked against industry standard - are continually evaluated and redefined.  

•  We devote extensive time and resources to hiring, training, developing and retaining the right people to fit each client's needs.

•  As a specialist organisation our business is not structured on turnover of work. At Beijing Mover we have built our business by maintaining our corporate clients and having the ability to accommodate their requests and moves times more often, and in shorter notice.

•  Senior members of the company are accessible 24 hours per day for back up and support.

•  Standard Operating Procedures are implemented in the business to ensure clients receive consistent service standards everyday of the year, even through the industry peak periods when many organisations resources may be challenged.  

•  Beijing Mover is well known among the corporate market and its clients for going that extra mile in the customer service department.

•  We will provide our services in the timeliest manner and with an ongoing comprehensive quality control program to provide 100% customer satisfaction.  

Beijing Mover’s competitive edge is our commitment to our customers.

Tel: 1371 777 2317 ,
Happy New year to our clients in 2016 !
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