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Dorcument Storage Services


Beijing Mover Records Management off-site storage facilities are custom designed for state-of-art records storage and management. The facilities are strategically located enabling the speedy delivery of records whenever you need them.

Service Delivery/Collection

Beijing Mover will proceed your service requests received before the cut-off time in the next working day, and we also provide 4-hour guaranteed service to cope with your emergency needs.

Carton Materials

Records Management starts with the right containers to house your records and files, Beijing Mover provides you with the right solution. We have a wide variety of specialized, reliable storage cartons for specific storage requirements.

Our cartons are ideal for: 

standard business documents 

legal and oversized documents 

blueprints, plans and engineering drawings 

computer printouts      

Household Effects Storage Service

Nationally and globally, Beijing Mover provides short, medium and long term storage in clean, secure warehouse facilities including high security storage to government approved standards.

Dust and vermin proof storage modules

Full inventory and labeling systems on arrival into storage

Access and delivery services world wide

High security system to protect your goods in storage

High end Fire Protection system for peace of mind storage

Maximum Protection for Items in Storage

As managed storage facilities when your goods are professionally placed into storage items are wrapped in protective padding to ensure no damage to highly polished surfaces and other delicate items of furniture for storage. Specialized storage crates can be provided should they be required including the specialized storage of flat panel televisions and other electronic devices.

Dust Proof Storage Facility

All storage facilities store your precious goods in separate storage modules that are sealed and numbered. Whether you are storing short term or long term you can be rest assured with this type of storage method your goods will remain safe and clean when you require them.

Labeling and Identification of Storage Items

ALL storage goods are numbered and labeled and recorded on your individual storage inventory and our computer systems to ensure your precious cargo is accounted for. On arrival into storage each item is labeled with your Name, collection suburb, number of the item, total number of items and our storage reference number ensuring easy identification.

Convenient Storage Systems

Because all your items in storage have location identification you can simply advise the Beijing Mover office of the items your require from your copy of the storage inventory and we can have it ready for your collection from the storage facility or have a fast friendly storage delivery service have it at your door when your require it.
We have a new 600 squre meter warehouse for storage . If need store your beloingings or files or other products , please contact us . Tel: 13717772317
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