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Office Move Step by Step in Beijing

Office Move Step by Step
Particularly in the field of office and industrial moves, BeijingMover has earned its positive professional reputation by moving so many foreign enterprises, government agencies, embassies and factories in the past years. We understand the many pressures involved in the office relocation, and our expert office and industrial team has the unique ability of transforming an endless list of details into a smooth and effortless process.

Our objective is to exceed your expectation by facilitating your office relocation with safety, efficiency, care and with minimum disruption, at a tailored cost-effective rates.

BeijingMover expertise on creating and following a strict pre-planned scenario in order to minimize the “idle time” and disruption. Employees are notified and well prepared prior to the move. We utilize various practical moving tools such as PC-containers, rolling containers, stairwalkers to maximize the efficiency and flow of the move. With the help of a coding system, we are able to efficiently move all office files, equipment and furniture to their correct places at the new location. We are also available to help you with your internal moves.

Therefore, we develop the following ‘Step by Step’ to share with you our expertise in office relocations and lead you the way to a successful office relocation.

Step 1–Premove Survey

Step 2–Quotation and Confirmation

Step 3–Layout/Seating Plan & Labeling Systems

Step 4–Confirmation of Time Schedule and Moving Sequence
Step 5–Cargo Lift Reservation and Park Permit

Step 6–Assigning Your Moving Coordinator

Step 7–Premove Training and Consulting

Step 8–Insurance on Hi-value Items

Step 9–Boxes and Labels Delivery for Premove Packing

Step 10–Professional Packing & Handling

Step 11–Quantity Counting and Moving Out

Step 12–Moving In and Quantity Confirmation

Step 13–Unpacking and Adjusting

Step 14–After-move Service

Detailed explanation of each step will be included in our moving proposal after individual premove survey.

If you have any questions or need specific advice, please feel free to contact CEMovers' moving specialist.

Office Move Hints

BeijingMover creates the following moving hints for you as highlighting issues to make sure the smooth and efficient office relocations.

However, if you have to move in emergency or very short time, with our emergency systems BeijingMover does have the flexibility in moving you as per your tight schedules.

One Month Before
Announce the move to staffs/post office/vendors/customers and relative people.

Keep your employees abreast of move status, make a phone number available for move related questions or prepare (weekly) bulletins.

Schedule with your phone company the relocation of phone and data lines.

Decide where to place your archive, internally or externally. BeijingMover can provide the solutions for your archiving requirements.

Organize your archives, shred any “old” documents that are no longer required.

Two Weeks Before
Obtain Layout and confirm staffs seating plan.
we will work for you to assign labeling area and seat code for all moved items.
Confirm what to move and what to leave/dispose, notify KMI for any dangerous goods (e.g. alcohol, printing chemicals, lab bottles, etc…)
Confirm exact moving date and time schedules.
Assign your Moving Coordinators
Arrange a meeting with KMI and all the third parties involved (e.g. IT, furniture suppliers, phone line company, etc…), determine a time-line with all involved.
Arrange a meeting with KMI and your Moving Coordinators for premove training and consulting.

One Weeks Before

BeijingMover deliver moving Packing Materials like Boxes.
Staffs start to pack their personal files and belongs
Reserve exclusive used cargo lift & park place at both old and new office
Obtain your Moving Coordinators’ & other involved parties’ cell phone numbers,
KMI will prepare a contact list for site communication.

Reserve with the copier supplier to drain fluid from copier on the moving day, and larger machines must be dismantled and prepared for removal by the equipment engineers.

Right Before Moving

Make sure that the new building is prepared and ready to move into
Confirm that the security system is in place and concierge in working order at new office
Re-confirm exclusive used cargo lift and park place are ready
Staffs complete packing for their own belongings and documentations and report the quantities of packed boxes to your Moving Coordinators
Make sure all file cabinets, drawers are empties and locked, all keys are retained by your Moving Coordinators
Make sure copiers, printers, faxes, fridges, water coolers, air-fresher etc. are all unplugged & cleaned up for packing/moving
Make sure all PC are disconnected by staffs
Shut down server

During Moving

Ensure that all your Moving Coordinators are at presence in moving sites
Ensure that the key positions such as security and concierge are manned and immediately available
Allow only your Moving Coordinators and involved parties directly involved with the move to be present during the move process

After Moving

Provide central locations for gathering empty moving boxes
Have the building professionally cleaned

Keep the your Moving Coordinators and involved parties active for 2 weeks following the relocations for various tasks
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