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Beijing Movers | Local Move Service in Beijing

Welcome to BeijingMovers International Transport Services Co.,Ltd. website, Wish that we can bring you fun of moving. Whether you are from multinational corporations, consulate, domestic enterprises or foreign friends, Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan compatriots, migrants or students, Beijing Mover will provide world-class service.

If you are worried about personnel transfer, office relocation, product exhibition, Beijing Mover will solve and share with you.

BeijingMovers can solve your company’s personnel transfer in the world, including global land, sea and air transport. Beijing Mover will provide long-term or short-term warehousing services, installing  furniture and other serivce acorrding to the needs of clients.

To office moving, BeijingMovers will make a detailed relocation processes. Beijing Movers will move your office after worktime or on weekend in order not to affect your company normal operation. Beijing Mover promises that all office furniture, documents, computers and other items can be orderly placed and installed. Beijing Mover will provide long-term follow-up services, as well as documents, furniture and other goods warehousing services. BeijingMovers exhibition transport sector will always pay attention to all kinds of domestic and global exhibitions, help customers develop exhibition program and communicate with organizer of exhibition and provide one-stop service with packaging, transportation, admission, returning and storage management.

If you move privately, Beijing Mover will also provide you with detailed program.Beijing Mover  ensure your property arriving at new house safely and quickly. with high standards and flexible services and global transportation resources. Before your move,Beijing Mover will tell you what should prepare, the arrangement of the entire move,documents required for customs declaration and clearance and other important points. Beijing Mover offers the industry’s most outstanding packaging. The company has trained a group of the industry’s top packaging workers and designed special packaging materials and transported precious works of art safely. Detailed information can refer to Beijing Mover precise packaging standard.

BeijingMovers provide professional all risk personal goods and effects insurance. Insurance covers loss and damage from packing to goods delivery to your new house.

Whichever service you use from Beijing Movers, you will find courteous staff, keen to help you in any way they can.

Service Contact:

Tel: 010-56283376, 13717772317 , ,,
Add: No.56 , Qianqijiazhuang , Shibalidian , Chaoyang District , Beijing
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