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Beijing Move and Storage Service

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Do you want to leave Beijing, need a safe place to store your belongings? No pay a high rent? If you have just arrived in Beijing need a place to store your baggage, too expensive for the Residence? We provide professional size storage space, help you store your luggage, bags, books, personal items, help you save thousands of rental! Provide personal and family convenient and safe storage space is big, in, small commodities. 24 hour monitoring probe to protect your goods. We can come to pick up your luggage. Only pay us one car or van pick-up fee. Foreign students leave Beijing on vacation to store your things in our warehouse ? Call us for arrangement.

If you go abroad for holiday , you don't want to pay high house rent , then your belongings can store in our warehouse for several months. when you come back and tell us and we can delivery to your new home in Beijing.

Our cost is fellows,

Packing your stuff up If need


Storage fee

Delivery to your new house

M : 1371 777 2317
Wechat : beijingmover
M :



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