Should I register?

[ Open ]

You may have to be formally registered as users to post and participate the forum. Please Click Here to register become our member! Strongly recommends you to register, you will be able to use all the functions.

How to login to forum?

[ Open ]

If you have already registered as our forum member, you can click LOGIN enter to login page and fill up your username and password (if you have set security question, select the correct question and fill up the correct answer), then click submit to finish the logging.

If needs to save your logging? Select the cookie time? At this time you don''t need to input password it will save the previous time registers.

What should I do when I forget my password?

[ Open ]

If you forget your password, you need to use your email to reset a new password. Click the logging page forget password, than input your personal message, system will automatically send you the password to your mail.

If there is a mail failure or you are unable to accept, please contact forum administrator.

How to change Avatar?

[ Open ]

At Member's CP there is an option for Edit Profile, when you click on edit profile there is an "Avatar" option, you can use the forum avatar or customize your own avatar.

How to change my password?

[ Open ]

At Member's CP click on "Edit Profile", you need to input "original password", "new password", "confirm new password". Click "submit" to finish the change.

How to change my nick name and signature?

[ Open ]

At Member's CP click on "Edit Profile", inside the edit profile you can find "nickname" and "customize signature" options, you can set it there.