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Local Move Quotation | Beijing Local Move

Beijing Removal | Beijing Movers / Moving Quotation
  CEMovers is one leading and the professional residents moving Company in Beijing, we can move and transport your household effects from the begining of the furniture dismantling, packaging, shipping and delivery to your new home in China. Bulky goods handling, Office Move and Facotory Move , Schools or company relocations . More than the existing variety of operating vehicles can meet our clients need in Beijing.

We have the professional and trained staff help you to move, the use of advanced unified platform for the nearest computer network sent  the  trucks to ensure the timely, thoughtful and safe for your belongings.

CEMovers to meet customers needs, customer satisfaction as the standard, to provide a quality service platform. your satisfaction is our greatest support, our staff is ready to serve you

Service Including :

Personal HHGS move, company relocation, long-short-distance freight, professional piano moving...
2 ton vans load ( it can load 12cbm stuff , all beijing trucks van has the same size )

2000 yuan (personal) Including all small items packing  offer packing material
2200 yuan (Company, if need invoice , 8% tax should be paid by the customer)

Futian and Jinbei Van( loading about 3.5-4.5CBM stuff )

CNY1500 / one van ; offering packing material, with 40 kilometers scope
Note: The above price is the actual transport distance of less than 20 kilometers one-way trips per carry.
Stair Handling Fees

No elevator or can not use the elevator, each upper and down layer of additional floor costs 50 yuan.
Multiple handling charges

During transport, the customers ask for more place for pick up HHGS , each palce additional 100 yuan.
Long distance charges

In the loading point when the vehicle can not be docked/parked in place, more than 10 meters away from manual handling, 2 RMB per meter.
Delay hours charges

Caused by customers operating vehicle group delay is in place can not work hours, additional 100 yuan per hour.
Canceled Truck fee on Site  

Vehicle in place, customers canceled our service vehicle , pay us for 100 yuan for waiting for one hour idly.
Valuables fee
Large fish tank, large mirror, large fitness equipment, air conditioners, photocopiers, more than 200 liters refrigerator, washing machine, 29-inch TV,  LCD TV,  luxury solid wood furniture, each piece 50-100 yuan collected valuables fee.
Piano Charge

Model 120 (inclusive), the starting fee of 400 yuan.
Model 120 or more, from 580 yuan fee.
Furniture disassembly costs

Dismantle Simple Bed : CNY 30 / per bed
Dismantle double bed - 100 yuan
Bedroom cabinet

CNY 200 / One Set

30 yuan for per Conference Table

1.8 m above the large conference table 50-100 yuan per
Ordinary boss desk for cny 30

1.5 m ordinary boss desk dismantle and reassemble , the cost is 30 yuan each
Luxury boss Table dismantle and reassmeble , 100 yuan for one

1.5 m above the luxury of 50-100 yuan per boss Table
Carton fee
Carton Box

25-50 yuan each ( small box , midium box , large box , wardrobe box ...)
Carton Boxes Special delivery fee

Special delivery charges 100-160 yuan

The important Point : we can make a quotatoin after you allow us to make a survey at your home before move. the price is different according to actual origianl address and new address....

Contact Hotline : 13717772317 ,  010-56283376 , CEMovers
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